Lake Effect, Volume 15

Lake Effect, Volume 15

Lake Effect, Spring 2011, Volume 15, Cover Photo



Spring 2011
Volume 15




Lori Huth    El Corazón
Cam Terwilliger    Zoo in Winter
Thomas Bonfiglio    This Family Moment
Edith Pearlman    Skylight
Teresa Milbrodt    The Stripper
Matt Jurak    Words Like Beauty


Santiago Vizcaino   Hands in the Grave
Harry Humes    A History
Harry Humes    Vodka Whispers
Andrew Kozma    Translation
Alexandra van de Kamp    My Life as a Dessert
Alexandra van de Kamp    How to Build Your Own Summer Vacation
Doug Ramspeck    Proximity
Kathryn Nuernberger    The Fawn
Sandy Longhorn    Sharper Than This Body
Grant Clauser    Things I Learned at Man Mo Temple
Jen Town    In the Poem About Birds
Astrid Cabral    Of Things
Anthony Opal    Foster Avenue
Danielle Hanson    The Man Is Walking His Bird on a Leash
Jeff Gundy    Meditation on Copepods and Obscure Information
Patrick Moran    Chiarscirogue
Patrick Moran    Contimuumlaut           
Patrick Moran    Medicinema
Jeff Hardin    The Visible and Aural so Seldom Intersect
Hilary Sideris    Your Father & I Saw a Shakespeare
Jeannine Savard    Twos and Threes
Nin Andrews    God’s Lost Note           
Nin Andrews    Ghosts
Janice N. Harrington    Friction’s Flowers
Mark Neely    Stolen Vermeer
Anne Keefe    Of the Guadalquivir, Holy Week
Haya Pomrenze    Atlantic City Boardwalk, 1944         
MRB Chelko    The Sun Keeps Giving Up          
David Kirby    Lollapalooza
David Kirby    Beautiful Hell

Literary Nonfiction

Melinda Giordano    I Pity the Dragons
Melinda Giordano    Vignette Ordinaire
Erin Flanagan    Good Country Stock
Gary Fincke    Woom! Ball
Gary Fincke    Townies
Gary Fincke    Taps
Kathleen Hellen    The Persistence of Memory
David Wanczyk    Stations





George Looney photo, Editor in Chief, George Looney

George Looney

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Danni Payer, Photo, Fiction Editor

Danni Payer

Fiction Editor:

Aimee Pogson, Photo, Fiction Editor

Aimee Pogson

Fiction Editor:

Jessica Storm, Photo, Fiction Editor

Jessica Storm

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Rachelle Bowser, Poetry Editor, Photo

Rachelle Bowser


Nonfiction Editor:
Johnathan Moore

Contributing Editors:  Eugene Cross, Tom Noyes, and Douglas Smith

Assistant Editors:  Almedina Alicusic, Michael Bauer, Claire Bevevino, Eric Botts, Ethan Brightbill, Aeriale Cooksey Kramer, Chris DeMarco, Victoria Dougherty, Lauren Estep, Emily Ginnona,
Julie Hedglin, Samuel Levine, Will Lutton, Kevin Nolan, Patrick O'Loughlin, Tiffany Oakes, Sheldon Reid, Laura Ruppel, Craig Sanders, Kimberly Sniezek, Vincent Turturice

Cover Artist:  Suzanne Proulx
Cover Design:  AJ Noyes
Technical Consultant:  Diane Nowacinski



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