Lake Effect, Volume 16

Lake Effect, Volume 16

Lake Effect, Spring 2012, Volume 16, Cover Photo


 Spring 2012
Volume 16





Jeffrey Johnson   The Transfiguration of Mauricio
J.T. Ledbetter    Apes
Morris Collins    Two Characters and a Cassowary
Joe Woodward   Viola!
Michael Czyzniejewski    The Frankenstein Meets the Mummy
Teresa Milbrodt    Small Spaces
Aimee Parkison    Paints and Papers
Erin Pringle-Toungate   Winter’s Wooden Sparrows



Lisa Ampleman    Murmuration
Lawrence Raab   Devotion
Al Maginnes    Self-Portrait in the Amnesia of Fire
Jennifer Habel   Aubade 3
Jay Hopler   Elegy for the Living
Rosa Alice Branco   Still-Life, Still
Rosa Alice Branco   Domestic Towel
Rosa Alice Branco   Fables of the Hibiscus
Noel Conneely   Long Way Around
Lavonne Adams   On the Banks of the San Antonio River
Ken Meisel    My Fingers Move Across the Typewriter Keys in an Effort to Find You
Sergio Badilla   My Father’s Ocean and the Undines
Tara Bray   Winter Truce
Russell Evatt   Shoreward
Kathleen Kirk    Finally the Rain
Doug Ramspeck   To the Place of Feathers
Eric Nelson   A Small Hole
Lara Gularte    Transcending My Daylight Body
Jose A. Rodriguez   From the Mottled Light
Erica Goss    Night Court
Erica Goss   In Front of the Reichstag
William Notter    Harvesters
William Notter   Wondering About Cremation
Joan Colby    Heat
Kimberly Johnson    Requiem
Mekeel McBride   That Time We Went to the Moon
Mekeel McBride    Everyday Matter
Sally Molini   No Update
Alec Hershman   Gratitude


Literary Nonfiction

Curtis Smith   A Personal Evolution of Prayer
Nancy Nordenson    Prelude
Christine Hope Starr   This Part of the Sea
Adriana Paramo    A Commie a la Columbiana
Gary Fincke   More Unique



Editors: George Looney and Aimee Pogson

Fiction Editors: Amanda Dziubkowski, Craig Sanders, Jessica Storm

Poetry Editor: Elliot Smith 

Nonfiction Editor: Eric Botts

Contributing Editors:  Tom Noyes and Douglas Smith

Assistant Editors:  Megan Abramczyk, Krista Banks, Claire Bevevino, Ethan Brightbill, Megan Collins, Daniell Dicenzo, Antonia Diehl,
Courtney Elliot, Lauren Estep, Will Lutton, Laura Ruppel, Daniel J. Shoemaker, Kimberly Sniezek, Britney Snyder, Kathryn Warner

Cover Artist:  AJ Noyes

Cover Design:  AJ Noyes

Technical Consultant:  Diane Nowacinski


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