Lake Effect, Volume 17

Lake Effect, Volume 17

Lake Effect, Spring 2013, Volume 17, Cover Photo


Spring 2013
Volume 17



Tara Laskowski   Happy and Humpy      
Randall Brown   What We Have Here  
Tom Lorenz   Zanzibar
Brandon Davis Jennings   Smells of Couch
Marc Berley  Rust
D.J. Thielke   The Boy Named Daze 
J.T. Ledbetter   Under the Chicago River
Brian Buckbee   Hungry Baby 
Alberto Alvaro   Butter, Oranges, and Pink Cotton Candy


Harry Humes   Whales Over the Port Clinton Fire Tower
Harry Humes   The Map to the Boblinks
Ronald Wallace   Libera Me, Domine   
David Shumate   An Inventory of Moons
David Shumate   My Buddhist Lessons 
Philip Dacey   Portrait of Poet as Abandoned Child
Mike Wright   Watching the Trestle
Mike Wright   Like an Animal
Don Russ   Naming Things
Sophia Orr   Love Poem
Dave Nielsen   The End of the Beginning
Daniel Bourne   Tea Ceremony
Jeffrey Alfier   Campomarino, Where the Sea Begins
Jeffrey Alfier   Ode to Structural Metal
Doug Ramspeck   Confessions of Winter
Doug Ramspeck   Mercy
William Virgil Davis   Inscriptions
Ken Meisel   Sister Kathleen Ann
John Bradley   At the Future of War Emporium
John Bradley   Sister Blandina and the Kingdom of the Maggot
Frank Paino   Swallow
Brian Simoneau   Spring Comes to Lowell 
Brian Simoneau   Poem with the Glimmer of Ice in a Tree
Chris Souza   Moths  
Chris Souza   Slipstitch
Laurie Blauner   The Taxidermist         
Brian Ownbey   Where Touching Leads Us    
Brian Ownbey   Communion 
Amorak Huey   The Letter X Imagines His Life as a One-Night Stand with an Aging Country & Western Singer
Andy Roberts   The Past in a Minor Key
Andy Roberts   How I Get Through the Winter
Max Schleicher   Hunger Weather      
Max Schleicher    January Coyote

Literary Nonfiction

Teresa Barnett   Afterlives
Michelle Seaton   The Jet Set  
Chad Hanson   The Choreography of Paint Rock Creek
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Editors:  George Looney, Aimee Pogson

Fiction Editors: Ethan Brightbill, Megan Sipos

Poetry Editor: Dani Dicenzo

Nonfiction Editor:  Eric Botts

Contributing Editors: Tom Noyes, Douglas Smith

Assistant Editors: Megan Abramczyk, Kyle Kerr, Krista Banks, Elisa Kownacki, Sara Coe, Michael Krahe,

Jonathan Cortez, Will Lutton, Courtney Elliot, Angela Mitcheltree, Lauren Estep,  Kalli Oberlander, John Hadlock,

Katie O’Neill, Julie Johnson, Laura Ruppel, Toby Keller                             

Cover Artist:   Suzanne Proulx

Cover Design:   AJ Noyes

Technical Consultant:   Diane Nowacinski

Web Page:   Beverly DiNicola


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