Lake Effect, Volume 18

Lake Effect, Volume 18

Lake Effect

Volume 18, Spring 2014

Front cover of Lake Effect, Volume 18, Spring 2014



     Erin Pringle-Toungate   The Missing Time
Alberto Alvaro Rios   The Night Miquel Torres Died                
Marc Berley   Placed Properly     
Luke Geddes   Glamerous Girl Inker                     
Hadley Boyd   Kenny Kincaid Is Missing
Lawrence Coates   The Lobster in the Laundromat              
Doug Ramspeck   Five Grackles                  



              Robert Gibb   Aubade             
Robert Gibb   Indigenous                  
William Notter   from Detroit Iron                
Lawrence Raab   Certainty                  
Lawrence Raab   I Was Just Wondering         
Sara Wallace   Girl Dumped by River               
Alex Miller   Plum Island            
Ana Minga   from Orphaned Birds, 19           
Ana Minga   from Orphaned Birds, 29                     
Ana Minga   from Orphaned Birds, 35  
Anne Dyer Stuart  In the Fog                    
Jeff Hardin   Maybe Evident All Along           
Jay Griswold   Traveling           
David Kirby   The Weapons of Moroland          


Literary Nonfiction

       Jenny Boully   What I Have Been Listening To           
     Jay Varner   What Did Scott Franco Ever Do to You?     
Lake Effect National High School Poetry Competition
Zachary de Stefan  A Graveyard in Pennsylvania                   


Editors: George Looney
Aimee Pogson

Fiction Editors: Katie O’Neill
Laura Ruppel

Poetry Editor: Elliot Smith

Nonfiction Editors: Eric Botts
Dani Dicenzo

Contributing Editors: Tom Noyes
Douglas Smith

   Assistant Editors

Megan Abramczyk      Elisa Kownacki
Krista Banks      Martha Larkin
          Spenser Berry      Heather McKeon
​                 Jeffrey Blair      Angela Mitcheltree
​          Becca Blauch      Kalli Oberlander
         Morgan Bradt      Caitlin Ostrowski
Michael Callan      Mark Sellers
Christine Dua      Britney Snyder
Courtney Elliott      Meghan Vorisek
John Hadlock      Marcus Werner


Cover Artist: Jim Steadman
Cover Design: AJ Noyes
Technical Consultant: Richard Krone
Web Page: Mary Kay Williams