Lake Effect, Volume 19

Lake Effect, Volume 19

Lake Effect

Volume 19
Spring 2015

Lake Effect, Volume 19 cover



    Mark Brazaitis   What to Expect When You Say You’re Expecting     
                                                     Aimee Parkison   Amber Leaves                                                        
Shane Stricker   The Weight of a Story, Diffuse
Jon Stuart Pearson   Of Toucans and Airplanes
Tina May Hall   Full of Grace
Gary Fincke   What Was Good for You

Eric Severn   The Panic Gathered Safely In


Jim Daniels   The One and Only Adult Halloween Party in the History of Rome Street
    Jim Daniels  Loss of Color
      Jim Daniels​  Grandpa Rents to Pimp
Iris Jamahl Dunkle   What Wears Out or Up After Time
Iris Jamahl Dunkle  Swear By It
John Bradley   Henry Ford at the Wheat Harvest in a Suit Made of Soy Fiber: Tecumseh, Michigan
Robert Gibb   Auctioneering
Shivani Mehta   Subversion
Shivani Mehta  Sometimes I Want to Tell You
Shivani Mehta  Another One About the Birds
Artur Nowaczewski   Birds
Artur Nowaczewski   Frog
Jane Hoogestraat   Alt Country
Margaret Young   Rings
Margaret Young  Wings
John Sibley Williams   Alight
Simon Perchik   *
Mitchell Untch   Grief’s Desire
Mitchell Untch  Fugue
Matthew James Babcock   Running in Mullaghmore
Craig Blais   from Magnolia Room
Jason Tandon   The Retreat
Jason Tandon    Early Morning, Spring
Robert Evory   Archetype of Knowledge
Robert Evory​  Archetype of the Human Psyche
Lisa Ampleman   Paul and Fran
Rob Stephens   Fugue for Sexual Tension, Androgeny, and Wingmen in A Minor
John Wall Barger   Barbudo, Jocinero, Bailador, Pocapena, Granadino, Islero, Avispado, Burlero
John Wall Barger   Tunnels
John Wall Barger  The Fathers of Loretta
Adam Scheffler   Waitress
Mark Sanders   Anxiety
Elton Glaser   Operators Are Standing By to Take Your Call
Michelle Y. Burke   Poem at 36,000 Feet
Michelle Y. Burke    Trick of the Light
Michelle Y. Burke   Flight Path
Jesse Breite   Old Laertes
Terry Hermsen   Where Does the Dark Go When the Dark Goes Down?
Terry Hermsen     A Farewell for Neruda
Al Maginnes   The Moon Too Is a Daughter
Al Maginnes  Vulture Skull
Al Maginnes  The Downward Spiral of Narrative
Al Maginnes  The Gospel of Leaving
Doug Ramspeck   Of Crows We Dream

Literary Nonfiction

George Choundas   Island Grace
Laura Michele Diener   The Ash Tree
Jessica Hendry Nelsen   The Present
Xu Xi   The English of My Story (Notable Essay, Best American Essays 2016)
Megan Thygeson   If I Were You, Honey, I’d Run, Not Walk
Corinne Manning   The Language of Kudzu


                  Editors:  George Looney
                               Aimee Pogson

Fiction Editors:  Katie O’Neill
Laura Ruppel

   Poetry Editor:  Elliot Smith

Nonfiction Editors:  Becca Blauch
​                                  Dani

Contributing Editors:  Tom Noyes
Douglas Smith

            Assistant Editors

            Chikodili Agwuna  Kalli Oberlander
                  Spenser Berry  Allison Richmond
Morgan Brandt  Angela Roman
Jacqueline Dinsmore  Gabrielle Ross
Katerina Giordano  Britney Snyder
Taylor Hoover  John Vallone
Martha Larkin  Meghan Vorisek
​            Savannah Martin  Marcus Werner

                                  Cover Art:  Suzanne Proulx-Bavaro

      Cover Design:  AJ Noyes

Technical Consultants:  Richard Krone
Nate Carter

                  Web Page:  Nate Carter