Lake Effect, Volume 20

Lake Effect, Volume 20

Lake Effect

Volume 20
Spring 2016

Cover of Lake Effect Vol. 20



Aimee Parkison, To See the Hummingbirds as They Fly Through the Trees
JT Ledbetter, The Day They Traded Piazza
D.L. Podlesni, Mon Poulet, Mon Ami
Laura Hendrix Ezell, The Bride and the Bear
Paula Lambert, The Weight of Things, Large and Small
Mark Brazaitis, The Skater and the Soldier
Gary Lutz, Nothing Clarion Came of Her, Either


Richard Jackson, The Story from the Beginning
Richard Jackson, Promise
Alexandra van de Kamp, Storms
Doug Ramspeck, Night Men
Joy Moore, Until Carnival Comes, and After it Goes
Luis Garcia Montero, II, XX
Luis Garcia Montero, I, XVIII
Christopher Howell, The End of Hercleitus
​Brian Phillip Whalen, Chore
Brian Phillip Whalen, Enough of Losing
Brittany Scott, A Sleepwalker's Forecast
Lawrence Raab, A Theory of Impossible Objects
David Kirby, Laughing and Talking Instead of Explaining
David Kirby, You Say No, Never, and Then Yes
Sophia Orr, The Kiss
Sophia Orr, Satsuma
Laura Kasischke, Praying Mantis in My Husband's Salad
Philip Dacey, Cento Sonnet: Daniel Rieppel at His Piano Masterclass on Beethoven's Pathetique
Stephen Gibson, Sacred Flesh: Bonnard
Ray Amorosi, Swan
David Shumate, Top Soil
David Shumate, The Old Samurais
David Shumate, The Glass Typewriter
Robert Gibb, Rites of Spring
Rene Char, Ahead of You
Elton Glaser, Stop Loss Order
Eugenia Toledo, Downhill Downpour
Eugenia Toledo, Love in Reverse
Charles Parsons, Last Cigarettes
Laurie Blauner, You There, Etc.
John Bradley, In Which Ry Cooder Relates Recording "Billy the Kid"
John Bradley, In Which the Kin Contemplates in the Contemplates Grotto
Jennifer Wheelock, On Props and Parentheticals
Jennifer Wheelock, What I Mean to Say
Beth Gylys, Scaffold
Ken Letko, Small Angels
Ken Letko, Feathered Stars
Frank Paino, Caritas Romana
Todd Davis, How Our Children Know They'll Go to Heaven
Todd Davis, Silkworm Parable
Andy Roberts, Empty Rooms
Andy Roberts, Stroke Dance
David O'Connell, Teaching Elizabeth Crazy Eights
Nin Andrews, Our Father
Eric Greenwell, Quincy
Jeffrey Alfier, The Guadalquivir in August
Jeffrey Alfier, Salteras


Vivian Witkind Davis, Tears Naturale
Clinton Crockett Peters, A Passage of Birds
Gary Fincke, Thoreau's Cane