Objectives and Outcomes

Objectives and Outcomes


Psychology (PSYCH)

Program Learning Objectives, Outcomes, and Assessment Measures


Our program’s goals and objectives are aligned with the Undergraduate Psychology Learning Goals and Outcomes developed by the American Psychological Association. Psychology is a scientific discipline and a profession. As such, it is important that psychology majors:

  1. develop a strong research background and understanding of the scientific foundation of psychology.
  2. develop a knowledge base of human behavior across the broad areas of psychology.
  3. become aware of the applications of psychology in the professions associated with psychology.


By the time they graduate, students will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the major theoretical approaches and findings in psychology
  2. Know the research methods used in psychology, apply their knowledge in research design, and data analysis
  3. Critically assess information related to the study of behavior and mental processes, and use the critical assessment in forming conclusions and arguments
  4. Develop tolerance for ambiguity and opinions that differ from their own

Students will also develop a set of skills that extend beyond the field of psychology. They will:

  1. Use technology for studying concepts and conducting research
  2. Communicate their ideas effectively in writing and orally
  3. Prepare a plan for how to use their undergraduate knowledge in the future as they prepare for graduate school or an occupation


Three of the key courses identified as addressing many of the goals of the psychology program are: PSYCH 200- Elementary Statistics in Psychology, PSYCH 301W - Basic Research Methods in Psychology, PSYCH 406W - Advanced Research Projects in Psychology. Specific goals and assessment methods are identified for each of these three courses.