Simulation Center

Simulation Center

Nursing Simulation LabThe Nursing Technology Lab and Simulation Center (NTLSC) offers faculty the opportunity to prepare students for a professional world utilizing simulated clinical situations before entering into the practice setting. The NTLSC houses a skills lab/teaching area consisting of four hospital beds each with a moderate fidelity adult mannequin. Additional space is included for a pediatric or infant patient in the appropriate bed or crib. There are wireless notebook computers available for student charting and reference while participating in lab exercises. A central open-area provides space for a multi-purpose teaching area. This area consists of student seating and desking which can be easily moved to allow for maximum flexibility in the learning environment as well as a 46” wall-mounted LCD monitor and an 80” Smart Board to enhance cooperative group learning as well as to facilitate debriefing sessions.

The NTLSC provides facilities and services for the assessment of learner’s clinical judgment and for developing professional competencies. The Center has been designed to facilitate clinical examinations such as competency reviews, clinical certifications, teaching/learning clinical skills, and to offer space for structured student practice in clinical assessment. The NTLSC is an interdisciplinary center which, in addition to use for individual educational programs, the vision is to provide a site for teaching students to learn together and of students learning to provide health care as interdisciplinary healthcare teams.


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Want to know how simulation can help your program? To talk directly with a faculty expert in the field of simulation learning please contact:

Alison Walsh, MSN, RN, OCN, CNE
Nursing Technology Lab & Simulation Center Coordinator
(814) 392-8190

To learn more about how simulation can enhance your training programs or if you are interested in developing a course for your institution please contact:

Michelle Hartmann
Associate Director of the Office of Community and Workforce Programs
(814) 898-6103