How It Works

There are two procedures available that will prevent unwanted pregnancies:

  • The "vasectomy" is a fairly safe and simple procedure for men in which the tubes through which the sperm travel from the testes to the penis are cut and blocked. This is an outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia. Neither ejaculation nor orgasm is affected by this procedure.
  • "Tubal ligations" are performed on women. This procedure involves a more complex operation in which the fallopian tubes are closed so that the egg cannot travel from the ovaries to meet the sperm. Again, ability to have an orgasm is not affected by the procedure.


Overall effectiveness rate of both procedures is approximately 99%.


  • Do not need to worry about using any additional methods of birth control
  • No known long-term side effects


Generally, complications are rare. Check with your health care provider for potential side effects as related to your health history.

Serious consideration must be given to long-term plans. Reversal of both the vasectomy and the tubal ligation is possible. However, these reversal procedures are very expensive, are generally not covered by insurance, and the success rate varies greatly.

Additional Information

Consider these options as a permanent decision. Serious discussion with partner and your own personal views should be key to the decision-making process.


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