Contraceptive and Pregnancy Services

There are many options available for contraception, including birth control pills, vaginal rings, DepoProvera (shots), condoms, and emergency contraceptive pills (also known as the morning after pill). Most of these options are available through the Health and Wellness Center.

In addition, we offer pregnancy related services such as testing and options counseling.

Getting Started on Birth Control

If this is your first time for requesting a birth control method which requires a prescription, you will need to schedule an appointment. You may choose to have a complete annual exam or a consultation. The annual exam includes a review of your health history, a complete physical, a pelvic exam, and possibly a PAP smear.

A consultation for hormonal contraceptives involves a review of your health history and gynecological records (if any). In addition, if you haven't had a women's health exam within the past year, you will need to schedule one.

Regardless of which type of appointment you choose, a clinician will provide information about various contraceptive options along with their risks and benefits. To better understand your options prior to your visit, please review the information for various birth control choices.

Getting Contraceptive Refills

If your oral contraceptive was prescribed by the Health and Wellness Center, you can obtain your refill through our office.

If your oral contraceptive was not prescribed by the Health and Wellness Center and you need a refill, you must have your clinician fax your most recent gynecological records and related laboratory results to us (814-898-6924). If this isn't possible, then you will need to make a brief appointment with one of our healthcare providers. These appointments are usually available within a day or two. At this appointment, you will be asked to complete a health history questionnaire which will be reviewed with you. Unless your health history indicates a contraindication to hormonal birth control, the clinician will then prescribe an oral contraceptive. Or, if your annual exam is due, schedule an appointment for an annual exam where a history, physical, and essential laboratory tests will be done and your contraceptive method continued.

If you use DepoProvera and are due for an injection, you will need to provide a copy of your last injection visit. Your clinician may fax the record to the Health and Wellness Center (814-898-6924).

Pregnancy Related Services

Pregnancy testing is readily available by appointment at the Health and Wellness Center. If the test is positive, you are encouraged to schedule a confirmation exam. This consists of a pelvic exam to determine how many weeks you are along in your pregnancy.

For patients who are pregnant and unsure of their options, we offer "options counseling" by appointment. To learn more about your options, see Unplanned Pregnancy: Making Choices.

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