Schreyer Honors College

Schreyer Honors College

The Schreyer Honors College is Penn State's University-wide Honors program for academically superior students. It is designed to challenge talented students, to enrich and broaden their general education, and to prepare them for graduate study or for a profession. Upon completion of program requirements, Schreyer Scholars are awarded a Penn State Honors Degree.

Requirements and Eligibility

Annual Requirements:

  • Maintain a 3.40 GPA each semester.
  • Take three honors courses for a minimum of seven credits each academic year.
  • File an Annual Academic Plan.

Freshman Year (Semesters one and two): First-year student admission by invitation based on high school GPA and SAT scores. A separate application must be submitted by February 1.

  • If admitted, must complete ENGL 030 and at least two additional honors courses for a minimum of (9) nine honors credits by the end of the first year. Invited to apply if first year completed with a 3.7+ GPA.

Sophomore Year (Semesters three and four): Complete a cumulative total (freshman and sophomore year) of at least six (6) honors courses (counting ENGL 030) for at least 18 honors credits; admission by application at end of fourth semester.

  • Scholars must complete a minimum of 14 honors credits over the junior and senior years including an honors thesis.

Junior Year (Semesters five and six): Honors options, independent study and research, thesis preparation.

Senior Year (Semesters seven and eight): Honors thesis work (up to six honors credits may be applied toward thesis research and writing) and additional honors options or independent study/research as needed to complete the minimum 14 honors credits.


Annual Academic Plan: All new Schreyer Scholars must submit their plan each fall. Each spring semester, all Scholars must submit their plans for the upcoming academic year.

Honors Options and Honors Independent Study/Research: Forms are online at the Scholar's SRS dashboard page.