LionPATH Student Registration Guide

  1. Log into LionPATH. Select Undergraduate Students from the menu at the top of the screen; select the yellow Log into LionPATH Student Center. Enter your User ID and password to log in.
  2. Find the Academics section. You can choose to either Search and add classes one at a time or use Schedule Builder (Skip to Step #6) to build a full schedule that you can import into your Enrollment Shopping Cart.
  3. If you choose Search: Select the Search button to take you to the schedule of course offerings. Select ER-Erie as your campus and work with you adviser to find a course you’re interested in adding.
  4. Once you find the course you’d like to add, choose the green Select button.
  5. Choose Next to add the course to your Enrollment Shopping Cart. Repeat Steps #3-5 until you’re satisfied with your selections. (Skip to Step #17).
  6. If you choose Schedule Builder: Select the Schedule Builder button. Click on the green Click Here button. (If necessary, allow pop-ups from so that it doesn’t block the Schedule Builder window from opening.)
  7. Adjust the search filters by narrowing the Campus Selection “Erie.”
  8. Click Add Course. Choose a subject and course number. Course numbers may take a few moments to populate, especially when you’re switching from one subject to another.
  9. Click the Add button to include a course in your schedule.
  10. When you’ve added all your courses, click the Back button to the left of the Add button to get back to the main page of Schedule Builder. Do not use the back button on your browser!
  11.  Click the Options button next to any class to narrow options further.
  12.  Block time slots on your schedule, if needed, by clicking on Add Break.
  13.  Click on Generate Schedules to view all the possible schedules that include your preferred courses.
  14.  Select (View) your preferred schedule and click on Send to Enrollment Cart at the top.
  15.  Close the Schedule Builder window to exit.
  16.  Verifying your Enrollment Cart

    a. Return to Student Center on the main LionPath page.
    b. Click on Enrollment Shopping Cart under the Academics section.
    c. Select the appropriate semester.
    d. Click on Import Cart (in the yellow alert box).
    e. Click on Next as you review each individual course you have chosen. Once you are done doing this, it will allow you to view your entire enrollment shopping cart at once.
  17.  To Register: Click Enroll when you are satisfied with your selections.
  18. Then choose Finish Enrolling to officially add these courses to your schedule.