LRC Goals, Faculty Committee, and Staff Contacts

LRC Goals, Faculty Committee, and Staff Contacts


Our goals are to support faculty instruction and increase student success. We want to:

  • Improve student preparedness for college-level work through applied study skills.
  • Make students aware of the time commitment that learning requires.
  • Help students achieve higher GPAs, particularly at the lower levels, to make them competitive for graduate school, study abroad programs, and national scholarships and fellowships.
  • Provide opportunities for students who become tutors to share their expertise, develop their academic and interpersonal skills, and be more competitive when applying to graduate programs.
  • Support the internationalization of the campus.
  • Collaborate with faculty on ways to improve our support.

LRC Advisory Committee

The LRC Advisory Committee is composed of faculty from the four schools of the college and meets each semester with LRC staff and lead tutors to review usage data and evaluations; identify areas for improvement; and discuss future initiatives.

Meet the Administrative Staff

Ruth Pflueger, Director
Global Programs Campus Representative 
Grad School and Scholarship Applications
Affiliate Instructor of English – (814) 898-6418

Barb Gunnison, Special Programs Coordinator
Study Abroad 
Guided Study Groups and Exam Prep
Composition Support – (814) 898-6361

Barbara Davis, Program Coordinator
TutorTrac Program Administration
Peer Tutor Management
Administrative Assistant – (814) 898-6183

We look forward to working with you. Thank you for your support!