Study Abroad Overview

Study Abroad Overview

The Office of Global Programs administers 331 programs; 229 are open to students at all locations. 

Length of stay ranges from 10-day field trips embedded in semester courses led by faculty (Penn State Behrend currently has four such courses) to semester and year-long exchanges. Two Behrend faculty members offer summer courses abroad.

Cost varies dramatically. Embedded courses are the least expensive, as travel expenses and administration fees are the only additional costs. Summer programs include tuition. A fall or spring semester program that includes all expenses can range from $17,000 to $30,000.

Courses completed on Penn State programs are considered Penn State courses. They are not transfer courses. Syllabi are reviewed by faculty and given a Penn State course number and description, which appear on the students’ transcripts. The name of the university and semester abroad appear on the transcript. Students cannot take a course on a pass/fail basis. Grades are converted to the Penn State grading system.


Financial Aid and Scholarships 

All financial aid and scholarships apply. Study abroad scholarships are available through:

  • the college
  • the Office of Global Programs
  • the Program Provider
  • and Nationally Competitive Scholarships

Students who are eligible for national scholarships are guided through the process. A number of Penn State Behrend students have received these prestigious awards.


Information Sessions

The LRC holds two general information sessions weekly. We give students an overview of the process, including academics, costs, scholarships, applications, and how to use the Global Programs website.


Individual Advising

Individual advising helps students choose a program that fits their budget and academic plan. Students are prepared to meet with their advisers and are given information about available courses. They are counseled not to take core courses overseas. They must create a tentative course schedule for their application. All programs require at least one academic recommendation.



Students are guided through the application and given feedback on their essays. Applications query students about long-term career goals, fit with their academic plan, the reasons for their program choice, and a self-evaluation about their ability to be successful abroad. 


Faculty Support

Faculty encouragement and support is essential. In some programs, students do not enroll in courses until arrival. Consultation with advisers may be necessary if intended course offerings have changed or students are unable to enroll in a particular course.