Tutor Selection, Training, and Assessment

Tutor Selection, Training, and Assessment

About the Tutors

Selection Criteria

Criteria include a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and two faculty recommendations. The application requires a short essay regarding the student’s reasons for wanting to become a tutor. Writing tutor applicants also must submit a sample of an analytical paper.

Recommenders are emailed a fill-in form. Checkboxes enable faculty to rank applicants on academic performance and interpersonal qualities. There is space for open comments. All responses are strictly confidential. Faculty feedback has the highest weight in the hiring process.

Tutors are paid. Work-study is preferred, but not required.


Bloom’s Taxonomy is the framework for training. Tutors are trained to analyze why students are having difficulty and show them how to study at deeper critical thinking levels. They are trained to share their study methods and, as much as possible, to ask more questions than they answer.

Tutors also are trained in the importance and methods of maintaining a professional and supportive relationship with students.

Lead tutors for writing and math provide additional training and support.


At the end of the semester, an online assessment is emailed to students who received tutoring. The response rate fluctuates between 10% and 12%.

Annual Outstanding Tutor Award Nominations are made by students who have received tutoring and provide additional feedback. These awards are given each spring to tutors in Business, Engineering, Math, Science, and Writing.