Recruiting Tips for Council of Fellows

Help us launch our next admissions recruiting effort! Here's everything you need to know:

5 big things about Behrend

  • IMPRESSIVE ACADEMICS:  More than 40 programs of study and access to more than 275 Penn State degrees in all
  • OPEN LABORATORY LEARNING:  Hands-on experiences for students working with business, industry, and organizational partners
  • A NAME KNOWN WORLDWIDE:  A degree that’s recognized around the globe—and one of the world’s largest alumni networks
  • DEMAND FOR OUR GRADS:  Over 350 companies recruiting our students at our career fairs—the largest in the region—and year-round
  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT:  In the top 10% of all institutions in Pennsylvania for greatest return on tuition investment and best value 1,2

4 more great advantages

  • 12:1 STUDENT-TO-FACULTY RATIO:  Our faculty truly want our students to thrive.
  • 140+ CLUBS, ORGANIZATIONS AND TEAMS:  Students have all kinds of ways to get involved.
  • SUPPORT TO SUCCEED:  We have the resources to help students achieve.
  • A PICTURESQUE CAMPUS:  For natural beauty, few universities can match our campus.

3 steps for prospective students to take

  • CHECK OUT for the many options to connect with and learn more about Penn State Behrend.
  • CONTACT the Office of Admissions — Ask for the $65 application fee to be waived based on a referral by a Council of Fellows member.
  • COMPLETE the Penn State application at

2 dates to remember

  • NOVEMBER 1: Apply for early admissions notification.
  • DECEMBER 1: File the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form online at

These are important dates, but we’d like you to know that we’re also prepared to enroll students right up to the start of any semester. When they’re ready to attend, we’re ready to help make it happen.

1 excellent way you can help us recruit students;