Adult Re-Enrolling Students

Adult Re-Enrolling Students



If you are a former Penn State student, re-enrollment allows you to resume your degree. Re-enrollment is appropriate if you:

  • withdrew from the University

  • interrupted continuous degree enrollment during fall/spring semester

  • were dropped as a degree candidate for unsatisfactory academic progress

  • were dismissed or suspended for nonacademic reasons

  • had an invalidated leave of absence

  • plan to return for a second associate or baccalaureate degree

  • plan to return for graduation

To Apply:

Contact the Penn State Behrend Registrar by phone (814-898-6104) or e-mail (

  1. Complete and print the Undergraduate Re-enrollment Form and return it to the campus registrar along with a $20 non-refundable re-enrollment fee.
  2. The campus Registrar will notify you of the decision regarding your request. Students who left in good standing and who are re-enrolling in their previous major (providing the major is not controlled) will likely be approved to re-enroll.
  3. Students who were last enrolled as a  conditional degree-seeking student at the time they left the University must submit the Conditional Reentry Form (PDF).


Re-Enrollment with Academic Renewal

Academic renewal provides an opportunity for former Penn State students to resume their academic career without being penalized by their past academic record. To be eligible for academic renewal you must not have enrolled at Penn State for at least four years. If approved for academic renewal, the cumulative grade-point average starts over. Requests for academic renewal are processed through the Penn State Behrend Registrar's Office. In the event there was a drop action during the previous attendance as a degree student, approval will be sought from the academic college requested. If enrollment was provisional or non-degree, approval will be sought from the Division of Undergraduate Studies. Notification about the decision will be sent from the Registrar's Office.

If academic renewal is approved, a new grade-point average will begin with the next registration. The prior academic record will remain unchanged on the transcript along with a notation of renewal. Total credits completed will be recalculated based on prior courses with a grade of "C" or higher. To request re-enrollment with academic renewal, contact the Penn State Behrend Registrar's Office by phone at 814-898-6104 or by e-mail at