Scholarships and Awards Committee


The Scholarships and Awards Committee recommends policies and procedures relating to student awards and scholarships and provides input to the selection of recipients for student awards and scholarships. The Director of Student Affairs or his/her delegated representative and the College's chief Financial Aid Officer serve as ex officio members of this Committee. The appointed student member of this Committee is ineligible to participate in the discussion of any award or scholarship for which he or she is nominated. In those cases in which the appointed student member has been nominated, provisions are to be made for another student to serve during that part of the discussion and recommendation. Coaches of intercollegiate athletic teams are ineligible for service on this Committee.


  1. Select winners for Walker, Turnbull, Fergusson, First-year, & Kochel awards.
  2. Identify and implement processes to publicize student awards and streamline applications to increase nominations.
  3. Identify and/or create additional campus community rewards for faculty engagement and success (low, middle, and high stakes).




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