FAQ for Remote Learning

Shortcut: https://behrend.psu.edu/itfaq

We understand how different this upcoming semester will be with classes held virtually, in-person, or a combination of the two. But know that BITS is here to help in any way we can. Please don't hesitate to contact us if none of the suggestions below fit your needs.

I'm a new student. Where can I find info about technology at Behrend and at the University?
Our Tech Guide for New Students has computer recommendations, links to University resources, and where to get help for residence hall network support.

I'm scheduled for classes where a remote class and an in-person class are scheduled back-to-back. Since I have to drive to campus, getting to the in-person class on time will be impossible. What options are available so I don't miss a portion of the in-person class?
Here are a few suggestions that will allow you to participate in a virtual class on campus:

  • Computers in the Hammermill 135 Cyber Lounge, Library, and kiosks across campus
  • Computers in computer labs that are not reserved and being used for class
  • Use your cell phone outdoors while sitting on a bench (weather permitting).
  • Exterior Wi-Fi is now available... Use your laptop or cell phone from your vehicle while parked outside of the Nick building, on the top floor of the Burke Parking Deck, or on the Reed lawn.

Can I use any computer in the labs for Zoom?
Yes, but you must bring your USB headset and mic and plug it into the computer to improve the remote class experience. Also, the lab systems have no web cameras, so you can use your smartphone for video if needed.

I'm a resident student with a tower computer that doesn't have wireless capability. How can I connect to Penn State's wireless network?
No worries! You only need to purchase an inexpensive USB wireless networking adapter. Although we don't recommend specific models, it would be like this adapter.

Can I remotely access computer software?
Yes, visit Behrend's Cloud Services website and select WebLabs. WebLabs will allow you to connect remotely to an available lab computer to access specialized software.

How can I find out which software is available in a lab?
Go to our Software Search website, where you can search for software via their title or location.

How do I know which labs have available computer systems?
Visit our Lab Usage site. It provides a list of labs and indicates how many systems are available in each lab. In addition, if you click on the lab name, it will display the available system name(s).

Is it possible to send my print jobs to another printer on campus?
You sure can. Visit the UniPrint site to print to select locations from any computer on campus.

I'd like to scan a document. How can I do this?
If you need to take a snapshot of a document or whiteboard, the Scan app makes it easy since it integrates with OneDrive. (The file is saved to OneDrive as a PDF.)