Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Certificate with SAP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Certificate with SAP

SAP is the world's largest enterprise application software company with more than 170,000 customers in more than 120 countries. The certificate program in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with SAP helps set our graduates apart from other business and management information systems graduates when gaining successful employment. In fact, Based on a Central Michigan University study, the average starting salary of SAP graduates was $5,250 greater than non-SAP graduates.

The goal of this program is to use SAP technology as a tool to help teach business concepts. Instead of studying "cold" textbook exercises at the end of a given textbook chapter, students direclty interact with a real business executing real functions and transactions in a life-like business-to-business simulation.


Students must complete any three (3) SAP-related courses with a "C" or better:

  • MIS 404 - Introduction to ERP and Business Processes
  • SCM 465 - Electronic Business Management
  • SCM 445 - Operations Planning and Control
  • SCM 460 - Purchasing and Materials Management

To apply for this certificate program, see the Registrar website.


Graduate Testimonials:

"I have pretty much used every single thing I learned as a student there when it comes to SAP...It's actually a bit easier because I can see the process flow of how material runs through an actual facility."
-- Jeffrey Ellis, Lord Corporation

"While the Certificate itself helped me to get the interview, it was the hands-on experience and knowledge gained during my MIS courses required for the SAP Certificate that impressed the interviewers and allowed me to hit the ground running in my current role with IBM. As a Consultant, I now help clients transform and modernize their businesses using SAP.  It is definitely a hot skill with a lot of future potential."
-- Rob Williams, IBM Business Consulting Services

"Six months after graduating from Behrend, I began working for an education service agency, got valuable experience there, then was offered a job in industry.  I now work in the IT department at C&J Industries, a plastics manufacturing company in Meadville, Pennsylvania.  Although they do not use SAP here, the methodology and concepts that I learned in the SAP courses helped me understand the business much more thoroughly and gave me a leg up over the other potential candidates."
-- Kareem Syed, C&J Industries

"While pursuing job opportunities, the certification, combined with my exposure to RFID technology, has differentiated me from other applicants.  After interviewing with several Fortune 500 companies, I have decided to accept a position with IBM as a supply chain consultant.  The Penn State Behrend business program is transforming the future of business, due to the technologies they are using and promoting to their students.  I owe my current success to Penn State Behrend."
-- Andrew Onda, IBM