Financial Risk Management Certificate

Financial Risk Management Certificate

This certificate program is designed to prepare both current and returning students for a career in risk management; and, for those interested, to gain exposure to topic that constitute the first part of the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) exam, sponsored by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).  The FRM exam is the primary industry designation with over 20,000 candidates taking the exam twice a year.  Students completing the certificate are prepared to pass the first part of this two-part exam.  The certificate requires a total of 22 credit hours and can be completed concurrently with a Penn State Behrend degree or via continuing education.

Requirements (22 credits):

Statistics Courses:

STAT 200 or SCM 200 - Elementary Statistics/Introduction to Statistics for Business (4 credits)

STAT 301 - Statistical Analysis (3 credits)

STAT 462 - Applied Regression Analysis (3 credits)

Finance Courses:

FIN 301 - Corporation Finance (3 credits)
       Prerequisite Courses:  Econ 102, ECON 104, and ACCTG 211

FIN 420 - Investments (3 credits)

FIN 427 - Derivative Securities (3 credits)

FIN 461 - Portfolio Management (3 credits)

Recommended Course for those interested in taking the FRM exam (see Program Chair in Finance regarding registration):

FIN 497 - Special Topics (Risk Management) (1 credit)

To apply for this certificate program, see the Registrar website.