Directions to Burke Center (REDC)

Directions to Burke Center (REDC)

Campus Directions

The School of Engineering is located in the Burke Center (BRK, B3 on the campus map) and Police Services is located in Erie Hall (ERE, D4 on the campus map).

Directions to Police Services to Obtain a Parking Pass

At the red light at the campus entrance, turn onto College Drive. Go straight into campus and, just past the tennis courts on your left, there will be a turn off for visitor parking - DO NOT turn left. Just beyond that is Erie Hall, number 12 on the campus map. There is a drive-up window on the front of the building. Pull up to the window, buzz them, and tell them that you need a visitor parking pass and that you have an appointment with whomever you are seeing at the Burke Center and they will issue you a complimentary parking pass for the day.

Directions to the Visitor Parking Lot at Burke Center from Police Services

After you follow the directions above for a parking pass, go back the way you came in and at the stop sign you will be at the Jordan Road intersection. Take a right and go up Jordan Road to the top of the hill (the Burke Center will be on your left all along the incline) and turn left at Technology Drive. There is a large visitors' parking area just to the left off Technology Drive. Just to clarify, you will see the loading dock and the parking is just off to the left. As you get out of your car you will notice a sidewalk southwest of the building (to your right: note you will see cars parked above this area on the roadway). Walk down the long sidewalk on that side of the building and take the left turn at the “L” and come up the walkway into the building.

Visitors with parking passes may also park in the parking ramp on Technology Drive. Go south of the Burke Center and the ramp is on the left side of the road. Find a parking space and walk down the stairs in the parking garage to the walkway into the back of the building.

Directions to the School's Administrative Offices in the Burke Center

Enter the building from the parking deck and the School of Engineering offices will be located just around the corner from the staircase inside the entrance on the right. Do not go down the stairs.

Please note that if you get lost, you can call the administrative offices at (814) 898-6153.