Islam and the American Dream (The Institute on the American Dream)

Islam and Radical Islam
            Sunni, Shiite, Wahabi


Some roots of Radical Islamic objections to America:

             Arabia and the invasion of sacred lands

             American Dream has drooped into Materialism
                             Prophets have atrophied into profits;
                             Globalization, McJobs, and McWorld

              Partnerships dishonored and Islam ignored 
                           Palestine, the poor, free trade violations [corn and steel]

              Hollywood and T.V. 
                     Women; sentimentalism; ‘quiz’ shows; sports as opiate


Is America ‘crusading’, with parallels to the Middle Ages? 
                 Territory – ‘spheres of influence’ 
                 Trade – oil, high tech, goods 
                 Pride – as cultural superiority

Can we learn from if not love our enemies?
                                Or do we nuke the lot?

‘Freedom, not success is the American Dream’ [Charlton Heston
                    Liberation for others: e.g. Martin Luther King Jr. 
                    Founding virtues:  honesty, thrift, sharing, study 
                    Fundamentalism: in Islam and America 
                                    The Arabian Dream in America? 
                                    The American Dream in Arabia?