Nursing FAQ

Nursing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to school part-time or full-time?

Students can take courses part-time or full-time in any course sequence as long as prerequisite courses are met. However, nursing courses must be taken in semester sequence and prerequisites for courses must be fulfilled prior to enrollment.

When will my clinical hours be scheduled?

In addition to classroom study, students are scheduled clinical hours in the nursing lab and in health care agencies in the Erie area. Students will be scheduled for twelve to fifteen clinical hours per week.

Clinical hours will vary according to the course requirements and may occur in the day, afternoon, evening and weekend. This schedule is dependent on the availability of clinical agencies and on course requirements. Students will be given an opportunity to choose clinical times that accommodate their other coursework and personal needs.

Where will clinical experience be held?

Penn State Behrend is committed to offering students quality clinical experiences. As part of that commitment, the campus has a state-of-the-art nursing lab and simulation center for nursing students to establish competencies in nursing skills and critical thinking. Students also spend a significant amount of time with supervised experience in direct patient care at all the major health care providers in the Erie area.

I have a B.S. degree in another major. Is there a way to complete a B.S.N. in nursing?

It is likely that many of your credits from your first baccalaureate degree will apply to your B.S.N. in nursing. However, each situation is unique so it is recommended that you call 814-898-7583 to set up an appointment with the nursing program adviser to discuss your individual situation. You may also visit the Penn State College of Nursing website for additional information.

What courses will transfer from other academic institutions?

Penn State accepts many credits from other colleges and universities. Please refer to the Penn State Admissions page discusses credit transfer policies.

Can I start taking classes now?

Yes, you can take any course as a nondegree student or as a student in the Division of Undergraduate Studies while you are submitting an application to the nursing program. Nondegree students may take up to 18 credits until they are admitted in to a program. Note that your application to nursing will follow the same academic evaluation for admission as outlined in the admission requirements section.

What courses can I start taking?

The courses you need for the degree are listed in the nursing program website. Any non-nursing course can be taken. Many courses are the same or have different names. You may erroneously take a class you already have so you need to be cautious. If you have courses from another university or college, contact our Admissions Office or the Division of Undergraduate Studies to speak to an adviser prior to registration to determine if you are still need a particular course.

I am already an RN. What will it take to complete a B.S.N. degree in nursing at Penn State ?

As an RN, you can enroll in the RN to B.S.N. program. This will require some additional general education courses and a specialized curriculum for the RN student. There are an additional 28 credits in nursing. Of these 28 credits, 4 credits are clinical experience, which is developed collaboratively with the student and instructor to meet the individual student learning needs. Interested RN to B.S.N. students can contact the Office of Adult Learner Services or the Nursing Program Office at 814-898-7583 for additional information.


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