Moderation Management

The Personal Counseling Office offers a way for learning how to control your drinking through a program called Moderation Management. This program targets students who suffer one or more problems related to alcohol use. You may voluntarily participate in this program or it may be imposed as a sanction for alcohol violations.

The Moderation Management program involves:

  • An early approach to recovery from self-defeating, excessive behaviors
  • Themes that center around balance, moderation, self-control, and responsibility
  • Making changes in life habits and accepting responsibility for making those changes

Through counseling, problematic drinking behaviors are explored and new coping mechanisms are developed. Relapse prevention strategies are also discussed.

If you would like more information about this program, contact the Personal Counseling Office.

Here are what some students have said about the program:

“I believe it was a huge success. It helped me in many ways and has gotten me through a rough patch.”

“The Moderation Management program helped me deal with not being allowed to drink and helped me realize some other consequences of my drinking. I enjoyed it.”

“It helped me to see that alcohol is the worst stress reliever. It also showed me how to moderate appropriately to help me succeed in life.”