Study Abroad Course in London, England, and Kyiv, Ukraine

General Information

PLSC 499: Foreign Study Government (The Tale of Two Countries).
Includes a mandatory trip to London, England & Kyiv, Ukraine, from May 12–27, 2019.

Study abroad programs to Ukraine have been suspended. This program was last held in 2019. The description and costs below refer to a previous program and are provided for reference.

Taught by

Sofia Square In Kyiv, Ukraine


This interdisciplinary course provides Behrend students in fields like business, economics, prelaw, public policy, and engineering with real-world experience of the political, economic, and social impacts of the European Union (E.U.) through two case studies: Great Britain and Ukraine. Great Britain's decision to leave the E.U. (Brexit) is unprecedented in the history of the E.U. This messy divorce has implications politically and globally. 

On the other hand, Ukraine aspires to closer relations with the E.U. The new Association Agreement between Ukraine and the E.U. has come at a high price for Ukraine, and the E.U. continues to put pressure on Ukraine for faster and more radical reform. The two cases provide contrasting, yet complementary, views of the power of the European Union to influence domestic politics, economics, and the societies of European countries. The goal of the course is to provide students with a nuanced understanding of the E.U.'s institutions and their importance.

Course Details

  1. The course will begin with a week of web-based instruction where students learn the fundamentals of the E.U.'s evolution, foundational treaties, and institutional arrangements.
  2. May 12-19: For the first half of the international experience, students will travel to London, UK. During the week-long stay, students will meet with representatives of major transnational companies, academics, members of the press, and politicians.
  3. May 19-27: The second half of the study abroad program will take students to Kyiv, Ukraine. Here they will be hosted by the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) and will examine the effects of the E.U. on Ukraine with KSE professors, members of the Ukrainian government, representatives of national and transnational economic and business sectors, and representatives of the media and social sectors. As part of the trip to Ukraine, the class may visit the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
Big Ben and Westminster Bridge

Checklist for Course Enrollment

To be considered for enrollment in this course, you must first complete an acceptance interview with Dr. Surzhko-Harned and Dr. Harben. After successfully completing your acceptance interview, please submit each of the following to the School of H&SS office, 170 Kochel Center, to enroll:

  1. Signed Course Add Form
  2. Completed Registration Form
  3. Nonrefundable deposit of $250

If the trip fills, students who sign up early will be given priority. After February 20, students will only be admitted if space is available. A surcharge may be necessary after this date.


As this course is offered during Maymester, there will be a tuition cost in addition to the trip costs below. Depending on your class standing, major declaration status, and whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student, the cost per credit ranges from $592 to $1,123. This is a 3-credit course.

Estimated costs of accommodations and travel while in Europe is $2,250 and is subject to change. Some of the items included in this estimate are listed below:

London Costs

  • Lodging = $300 
  • Transport = $240
  • Speaker Fees = $300

Kyiv Costs

  • Lodging = $200 
  • Transport = $200 
  • Guided Tours = $220
  • Speaker Fees = $200

The above amount does not include airfare to London and from Kyiv, passport fees, meals while abroad, or other incidentals. 

Estimated costs for food and transatlantic flights will be added to the total cost and are listed below:


  • London = $35 per day
  • Kyiv = $25 per day (breakfast included at hotel)


  • To London = $400 and up
  • From Kyiv = $600 and up

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for the following:
  1. Booking their overseas flights
  2. Purchasing the airline tickets
  3. Transportation to/from their departure airport

It is recommended that students book their overseas flights through Anthony Travel (833-827-3331) to avoid travel issues.

Payment Schedule

Due Dates

Payment Type Amount Due Date
Nonrefundable deposit $250 February 20, 2019
First payment $500 March 13, 2019
Second payment $500 March 27, 2019
Third payment $500 April 10, 2019
Fourth and final payment $500 April 24, 2019

Payments can be made by personal check payable to Penn State University or by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. An additional 3-4% fee applies for any credit or debit card payments.


Students may not be able to get refunds after submitting full payment. If a student needs to cancel after that, attempts will be made to request a partial refund. However, the closer cancellation is to departure, the less likely it becomes that the student will be able to get a significant refund. Students concerned about this possibility should purchase personal travel insurance to cover the lost costs of a canceled trip.


The Embedded Programs Scholarship is available to full-time students with a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with Penn State.

Behrend College majors may be eligible for the College's privately endowed, need-based scholarships. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 814-898-6162 to see if you qualify.

Contact Information

For more information, contact one of the people listed below:

Contact Information

Name with Email Office Location Phone Number
Dr. Christopher Harben 261 Burke Center 814-898-6258
Dr. Lena Surzhko-Harned 149 Kochel Center 814-898-6074
Ms. Ruth Pflueger 203 Lilley Library 814-898-6418