A number of software applications are provided as a central service through the University.  Examples include Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite (except email and calendering), Sites at Penn State (i.e. WordPress), Zoom (video conferencing), Kaltura (video creation), and many more.  In addition, there is software and other tools to support faculty research.

To learn more about what is software is available, please visit:

There are other software resources available to faculty, staff, and students which are described below.

Software at Penn State

Software at Penn State hosts a collection of software where you can purchase discounted software, download free software, access high-performance applications, and virtually access Penn State's computer labs through Weblabs and WebApps.


Students and faculty can access several popular software applications that are hosted in the cloud.  Applications include:  Microsoft Office, ArcGIS Desktop, JMP Pro, Mathematica, MATLAB, Minitab, SAS, and SolidWorks.  This collection of software is referred to as WebApps.  WebApps is intended for use on a personal device as a part of course instruction.  Due to the licensing agreement, WebApps cannot be used for research or for administrative purposes or from any University-owned devices.  Visit WebApps for more information.

Microsoft Software for Students and Faculty

Students have access to a variety of software from Microsoft, including Azure Development Tools, Office, and the Windows operating system.


Students are eligible to participate in the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program.  Shortly after the beginning of each fall semester, students will receive an email from the program administrator of Azure. 

To access this resource, refer to the Azure Dev Tools instructions.

If you have questions about software downloads, password reset requests, or concerns about software/hardware compatibility, contact the help desk.


Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is available to faculty for STEM-related instruction.  To order and download the development tools, login to Penn State Software.  Then search for "Azure".  At the search results screen, click on the Order button for "Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching", respond to the terms of agreement, and click the Order button.  If you need assistance with the installation, please submit an IT ticket.

Software for Faculty/Staff Office PCs

Behrend faculty and staff have the option to install ANSYS, Maple, SPSS, and other applications to their Windows-based systems.  These can be accessed through the Software Center on your PC.  To do so, click on the Microsoft Start button and then select:  Microsoft System Center / Software Center.  (Or, use the search box and enter “Software Center”.)  Then click on the name of the software you wish to install.  If you need assistance, please submit a ticket.

Survey/Forms Tools

Office 365 Forms and Google Forms

Two easy-to-use, online form tools are Office 365 Forms and Google Forms.  These are available to Penn State faculty, staff, and students.


Qualtrics, a research tool for creating surveys, is available to Penn State departments.  Although this is a web-based application, you need to purchase a software license via Software at Penn State.  Or, you can submit a ticket to BITS to request that you be added to Behrend's software license.