Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor

Penn State Behrend offers the innovative interdisciplinary-based Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI) minor to students in any major.

The minor equips students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset; think critically and “outside the box” to sense opportunities; develop value propositions; and create sustainable value in fast-paced socio-technological environments. The minor at Penn State Behrend currently offers the New Ventures Cluster, although additional clusters will be made available.

Why pursue a minor in ENTI?

Students are uniquely engaged to leverage their learning outcomes, experiences, and interests to sense and be aware of entrepreneurial and innovation opportunities. They will gain these skills though hands-on ENTI projects, engagement with business and industry practitioners and thought leaders through ENTI competitions, and mentoring arrangements (programs). Developing an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset through applied learning, combined with sharpening their principled problem-solving skillset, will prepare students to address prevalent opportunities and challenges effectively. They then will help to shape the future of businesses and industry in their local communities and the global community at large.


18 credits

  • 9 credits of core courses
    • MGMT/ENTR 215: Entrepreneurial Mindset (3)
    • ENTR/ENGR 310: Entrepreneurial Leadership (3)
    • MGMT/ENTR 425: New Venture Creation (3)
  • 9 credits from the New Ventures Cluster

More information on the ENTI minor and academic requirements may be found by visiting the ENTI minor resource website.


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