Marketing Minor

Marketing Minor

A Marketing minor offers a general marketing background to give students an understanding of core marketing principles, including marketing research and consumer behavior issues. In addition, students must take upper-level courses (at least 6 credits) in MKTG to get a more comprehensive understanding of marketing.

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.


A total of 18 credits including:

1. MKTG 301 - Principles of Marketing
        Prerequisites: ECON 102 or 104; ENGL 015; MATH 021 or higher

2. MKTG 342 - Marketing Research
        Prerequisites: MKTG 301; STAT 200 or SCM 200

3. MKTG 344 - Buyer Behavior
        Prerequisite: MKTG 342

4. Select nine additional credits in MKTG. Six credits must be at the 400 level.

Advising and Course Selection 

Students are encouraged to meet with a Marketing faculty member to select courses that most effectively support needs and career aspirations. 

Declaring a Marketing Minor

To declare a minor in Marketing, you must go to eLion, click on “Minor Declaration,” and complete the information requested.  If you have any questions about the minor, please contact the in-charge person for the minor, Dr. Mary Beth Pinto.