Advice for Majors

Advice for Majors

Course Sequence

To complete the marketing program in a timely manner, you must follow a specific sequence of courses. (See the recommended course sequence to track your progress.)

In your fifth semester, you should complete the following marketing courses: MRKTG 300/MKTG 301 and MRKTG 310/MKTG 342.

  • SCM 200 is a prerequisite for MRKTG 310/MKTG 342. If you haven't done so, you must arrange to complete a basic probability and statistics course during the summer before you can take MRKTG 310/MKTG 342. 
  • MRKTG 310/MKTG 342 is a prerequisite for MRKTG 320/MKTG 330 and MRKTG 330/MKTG 440, generally offered in the Spring..
  • You should complete FNC 300/FIN 301, MANGT 300/MGMT 301, and SCM 310 by the end of your junior year. These courses are prerequisites for upper-level courses.
  • In particular, note that MRKTG 300/MKTG 301and MANGT 300/MGMT 301 are prerequisites for MRKTG 410/MKTG 410 (Sales Management), which is usually offered in the Spring.

In your sixth semester, you should be completing the following marketing courses: MRKTG 320/MKTG 330 and MRKTG 330/MKTG 440 along with other additional and supporting courses.

  • If you have not already done so, you should begin to take the required 12 credits from a particular non-business supporting area like International Studies, Education Abroad, Foreign Language, Psychology, Quantitative Methods, or Written and Oral Communication. If you wish to extend the 12 credits to 18 and complete a minor, complete the Declaration of Minor form (on eLion) early, so that you are not locked out of certain courses that may be available on a priority basis to majors and minors only.
  • ECNS 470/ECON 470 and MRKTG 470/MKTG 445 have also generally been offered during the summer. These courses can be used to fulfill the international business course requirement. Transfer students in particular may look into these courses if you need to get your schedules aligned.

In your seventh and eighth semesters, select supporting courses that are outlined in the Marketing check sheet.

  • You should plan to schedule MANGT 470W/MGMT 471W around this time. You may not take MANGT 470W/MGMT 471W until you have satisfied the prerequisites for this course which include FNC 300/FIN 30, MANGT 300/MGMT 301, SCM 310, MRKTG 300/MKTG 301, and at least seventh-semester standing; and FNC 300/FIN 301 has the following prerequisites: ACCTG 211, ECON 002, ECON 004, SCM 200 or STAT 200, and fifth-semester standing.


Students with internship (MKTG 495) experience are often more marketable to employers than students without relevant work experience. You have the option to take an internship for credit or just for the experience. The Vision 2020/model Black School of Business graduate will have between one and three internship experiences prior to graduation.

Education Abroad

If you choose the Education Abroad module, it's never too early to start planning your program of study abroad.

  • Many programs require that you apply one year in advance of the actual travel date.
  • Some programs may also have prerequisites that you must first complete before studying abroad.
  • You will need to complete 15 credits in a school-approved study abroad program.
  • You should consult with your adviser before you actually enroll in an education abroad program to determine if and where the study abroad courses will fit into your program requirements. For more information about education abroad, you may see Ms. Ruth Pflueger, coordinator of the Learning Resource Center (located in the Library). You may also check the University Office of Education Abroad website.