Sponsored Research

Sponsored Research

Industry and business may engage the School of Engineering in sponsored research in one of two ways:

Short Term Research Projects

These projects do not involve the exchange or development of intellectual property and provide:

  • Services involving analysis, evaluation, classification, diagnostics, or interpretation of a client's data, samples, mechanisms, procedures, or products
  • Access to School resources, either personnel or equipment

Longer Term Research Projects

These projects have intellectual property and provide:

  • Access to School resources during the development of fundamental basic research
  • An assigned principal investigator (PI) for the project
  • Protection to the University and to the sponsor on issues of publication, intellectual property, publicity, and the use of project results

If you are interested in conducting a project with the School of Engineering, contact: Jason Williams, Senior Lecturer in Engineering, at 814-898-6142 or jlw109@psu.edu.