PARC, Prevention of Aggression Resource Center

PARC, Prevention of Aggression Resource Center

Psychology students put research into practice to reduce peer mistreatment photoThe Prevention of Aggression Resource Center (PARC) at Penn State Behrend is focused on promoting positive developmental outcomes by providing cutting-edge research, education, training, and resources to educators, social service providers, students, and parents in the area of bullying prevention and prosocial behavior development. Research-based multilevel mentoring is the primary delivery system used to positively affect school climate by enhancing students' protective resources and reducing students' at-risk factors. PARC also conducts research and program evaluations of aggression reduction and prevention initiatives.

Some statistics show that 80% of children are victimized by relational and/or physical aggression by their peers. Sadly, many children are not equipped with effective coping strategies to use in response to bullying, which further exacerbates the problem and leaves children increasingly vulnerable. PARC aims to improve school culture and resolve peer victimization in our schools. PARC’s services include research (e.g., survey services), presentations to parents, educators, and professionals, and developmentally appropriate student programming specifically addressing relational and physical aggression and cyberbullying.

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Youth Voice Project Book Cover PhotoIn this eagerly anticipated book, Youth Voice Project, authors Stan Davis and Charisse L. Nixon add youth voices to the national debate about bullying and peer mistreatment.