Public Lab Policies

The lab policies are a supplement to the computing policies of Penn State University. 

  1. The following items are not permitted in the labs:
    1. food
    2. beverages without secure lids
    3. computer games
    4. electronic devices (unless headphones are used at a volume which does not disturb others)
    5. saving personal files on the PC hard disks
    6. using the computer to create, store, display or transmit obscene messages, images, or sounds.
  1. Beverages that have secure lids are permitted in the labs. However, if you spill a beverage that causes damage to the equipment, you will be responsible for the cost of the repairs.
  1. Please notify a student computer consultant about the items below (and do not attempt to fix):
    1. broken or faulty equipment
    2. dusty or dirty monitor screens
    3. jammed printer paper
    4. printers out of paper or need new toner

You can also report problems by submitting an IT ticket.

  1. If you make printed copies:
    1. discard your unwanted printed copies in the paper recycling bins
    2. do not take or discard printed copies that are now yours
    3. pick up the copies as soon as possible; unclaimed laser copies will be discarded periodically throughout the day
  1. If you borrow materials:
    1. you must have a valid Penn State photo ID card
    2. the materials must remain in the lab and cannot be signed out overnight
    3. the materials must be returned to the consultant help desk by closing time; if not, the materials will be reported as stolen to Police Services
  1. The PCs in the labs:
    1. may be reserved by faculty or staff for classroom instruction
    2. are available to all users unless they are reserved for instruction
    3. may not be reserved for individual use
  1. The hours of operation:
    1. may vary (especially during the first and last weeks of the semester and during semester breaks); check the web site for hours
  2. Lost and found items:
    1. are stored temporarily at each Help Desk but are quickly taken to Police Services
    2. worth $25 or more are sent to Police Services immediately