Two-Factor Authentication Tips

Steps to Re-Synch your Phone's DUO App with the Penn State Two Factor Authentication System

  1. Make sure you have the DUO app installed on your phone and are sitting in front of a computer. 
  2. On the computer, visit Canvas or Lionpath or some site that requires Web Access authentication. 
  3. Log in and get to the Duo 2 Factor screen, and then look to the left of the page.  You'll see an 'Add a new device' link. 
  4. Follow the prompts, including using your phone to prove who you are (accept a phone call from the Duo service). 
  5. Once you're past that, and after a couple clicks to verify your phone service carrier and your phone type, a QR code will appear.
  6. With your phone, open the Duo app and touch the "+" sign at the top right of the app's screen.  This will trigger your phone's camera. 
  7. Scan the QR code on the computer screen to complete the synchronization of your phone's app and the Duo system.  The Duo 'push' service will now work.    

Note:  If you've gotten a new phone with a new phone number, you'll have to call UP's IT Help Desk at 814-863-9533 to reset your DUO account and 'start from scratch' with the new number.