Project and Supply Chain Management Minor

Project and Supply Chain Management Minor

The Project and Supply Chain Management Minor is designed to introduce students within the School of Business to advanced topics in supply chain and project management. The minor can provide options and opportunities beyond those offered by a major program of study. Students enrolled in nonbusiness majors should explore the minor in Operations and Supply Chain Management whereas students in a business major can pursue the Project and Supply Chain Management Minor, described here.



Prescribed Courses

  • MGMT 301- Behavioral Concepts for Management
  • SCM 301 - Introduction to Operations Management

Supporting Courses and Related Areas

  • MGMT 410 – Project Management


Select 9 credits of 400-level MGMT or SCM courses, must include 3 credits from each area:

MGMT 415 - Project Portfolio Management and Organizations

MGMT 418 - Project Planning and Resource Management


SCM 445 - Operations Planning and Control

SCM 455 - Logistics Systems Analysis and Design

SCM 460 - Purchasing & Materials Management  


Declaring an PSCM Minor

To declare a minor in Project and Supply Chain Management, you must go to LionPATH.  If you have any questions about the minor, please contact Dr. Ray Venkataraman at 814-898-6428 or