German Studies Certificate

German Studies Certificate

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers an interdisciplinary German Studies Certificate (GERSC BC) available to all Penn State Behrend students. The German Studies Certificate may serve as a “bridge” to Penn State’s German Minor.


The 15-credit German Studies Certificate offered at Penn State Behrend is designed for students who wish to specialize in interdisciplinary German Studies by acquiring advanced German language skills and taking courses in culture, film, history, literature, music, or politics of the German-speaking countries. In-depth knowledge of the German-speaking countries prepares students for a global workforce and careers in international business, engineering, finance, politics, or the sciences.

Requirements (15 credits)

Students must have a C or better in each certificate course. Students who have not reached the third level of German Language proficiency may need to take German 001 and 002 first.

Required language courses: 7-8 credit hours

  • GER 003 Intermediate German - 4 credits
  • GER 201 Conversation and Composition - 4 credits (Satisfies IL)
  • OR GER 301 Intermediate Speaking and Listening - 3 credits (Satisfies IL)

Choose 9 credit hours from a program approved list:

  • GER 100 German Culture and Civilization - 3 credits (Satisfies GH; IL)
  • GER 190 Twentieth-Century German Literature in English Translation - 3 credits (Satisfies GH; IL)
  • GER 189 German Film - 3 credits (Satisfies GH; IL)
  • GER 200 Contemporary German Culture - 3 credits (Satisfies GH; IL)
  • HIST 121 History of the Holocaust - 3 credits (Satisfies GH; IL)
  • HIST 143 History of Fascism and Nazism - 3 credits (Satisfies GH; IL)
  • HIST 144 The World at War: 1939-1945 - 3 credits (Satisfies GH; IL)
  • HIST 427 Germany since 1860 - 3 credits (Satisfies IL)
  • MUSIC 5 An Introduction to Western Music - 3 credits (Satisfies GA)
  • PL SC 020 Comparative Politics of Western Europe - 3 credits (Satisfies GS; IL)

Study Abroad

Students who participate in one of Penn State’s study abroad programs in German-speaking countries can earn up to 6 credit hours toward the certificate according to the course equivalency lists available for each program. A summer internship in a German-speaking country can meet the international study requirement for International Business Majors. The final decision to award credit will be determined by Dr. Eva Kuttenberg in consultation with internship coordinators.


For more information, please contact Eva Kuttenberg, Associate Professor of German, at or 814-898-6079.