Contact Health and Wellness

Contact Health and Wellness

Emergencies:  Call 911

The center is staffed by two full-time, certified family nurse practitioners licensed to provide treatment of minor illnesses, emergencies and health related problems as well as allergy injections and immunizations. There are two part-time family practice physicians (board-certified in sports medicine). A college health nurse and medical assistant are full-time to assist the health care providers. The staff specialist coordinates the health education and health promotion programs for the campus community.

The Health and Wellness Center staff are listed below and may be contacted via phone (814-898-6217) or email.

Lynn Agresti, RN

Jennifer Anderson
College Health Nurse

Susan Carnes
Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Director

Pam Gordon
Staff Specialist/Outreach Coordinator

Jennifer Grey
Medical Assistant

Rita Lawson
Administrative Support Assistant

Monica Stritzinger
Nurse Practioner

Carolyn Wisniewski
Billing Specialist

Kelley Wilke
Administrative Support Assistant

Dr. Jeff Kim
Medical Director
Family Practice, Sports Medicine

Dr. Phil St. Julien
Family Practice, Sports Medicine