Undergraduate Studies Committee


The Undergraduate Studies Committee recommends policies affecting undergraduate educational programs. The Committee organizes annual programming addressing issues related to teaching and the academic environment. The Committee selects annually the recipients of the Behrend College Council of Fellows Excellence in Teaching Award and the Guy W. Wilson Award for Excellence in Academic Advising. It also makes recommendations about physical facilities and instructional support systems. The director of the Center for Teaching Initiatives serves as a non-voting, ex officio member of the Undergraduate Studies Committee.


  1. Review and recommend COF Teaching and Advising award recipients.
  2. Continue to advise faculty and staff on general education requirements in concert with the ACPC.
  3. Work with SGA to advise students on how to handle grievances against faculty.
  4. Develop a statement of good writing (ad-hoc with English faculty).
  5. (Ad-hoc with ACPC Director.) Develop guidelines for quality advising. Develop and/or streamline faculty involvement in advising training. Investigate alternative models of advising and make recommendations to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.
  6. (Ad-hoc with SL, Office of Student Affairs, and ACPC.) Evaluate first year seminar across campus. Develop model syllabus.



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