Pre-Law Program

Pre-Law Program


Because no one major is the "correct" foundation for law school, Penn State Behrend does not offer a pre-law major. Law schools accept applicants from all majors. Their primary interest is in the abilities you demonstrate during your undergraduate education: the ability to think analytically, reason, solve problems, juggle responsibilities, and communicate clearly through your words and writing.

The four years you spend pursuing your undergraduate degree is a time for exploration. It's a chance to gauge your interest in and aptitude for law. Whichever degree program you choose, Penn State Behrend's pre-law adviser will work with you to select courses that support your career plans.

Indeed, Penn State Behrend sees distinct advantages in not pursuing pre-law as a major. Should you later decide not to attend law school, a pre-law major is difficult to market to employers because it doesn't demonstrate proficiency in any one area. In contrast, an undergraduate degree in Political Science, English, Chemistry, Accounting, or any one of Penn State Behrend's undergraduate programs confirm a depth of knowledge and experience.

Pre-Law Adviser:

Dr. John Gamble