Alumni Events

Alumni Events

We plan a number of events on campus, off campus, and online throughout the year. From networking events to professional conferences to recognition programs, alumni are encouraged to attend and get involved. We aim to offer a variety of rewarding activities in which alumni can make a real difference at the college while networking with fellow alumni and having fun!

Sponsored by the Behrend Alumni Society, Penn State Behrend, and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, here's a list of our annual alumni events:

  • August: Welcome Week Event
    • Network with incoming students as they begin their fall semester
  • August-November: Football Watching Parties
    • Hosted by the Lake Erie Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association at Fox and Hound uniting all Erie-area Penn Staters who watch all home and away games
  • September: Behrend Fall Sports Tailgate and Game
    • Hosted by Behrend Alumni Society and Behrend Athletics to support Behrend sporting event
  • September: Football Tailgate at University Park
    • Hosted by generous Behrend Alumni to bring together our friends before cheering the Nittany Lions to victory
  • October: Alumni and Friends Annual Wine Tour
    • Sponsored by the Behrend Alumni Society, one of our most popular events enables alumni to network with one another in a casual setting while supporting local businesses
  • October: Behrend Alumni Society Fall Family Day
    • Interact with Penn State families at a family-friendly event
  • Winter: Behrend Alumni Society Winter Family Day
    • Interact with Penn State families while embracing our Erie seasons
  • Summer: Penn State Berkey Creamery ice cream sale
    • Annual sale of the university’s famous Berkey Creamery ice cream—sign-up for notifications.
  • Summer: Pittsburgh Pirates Tailgate and Game
    • Sponsored by the Behrend Alumni Society to network with Pittsburgh-area Behrend alumni in a casual and fun atmosphere

We are always planning additional events throughout the year, and would love your input on the types of events you want to see. Contact Kristen Comstock at or 814-898-6367.

In addition to attending or helping to plan events, we are now inviting alumni to host an event for the college, either in your city or on campus. Through your financial support, you will be acknowledged as the event sponsor and your donation will be documented as a gift to the college. For more information about serving as an event host, and to discuss our upcoming event needs, contact Kristen Comstock at 814-898-6367 or via email at