Office Crime

Here are some tips to reduce the possibility of theft in your office:

  • Lock your door when you leave, even if it's just for a minute.
  • Never give or loan your keys to anyone.
  • Keep your purse, wallet, and other valuables secured in a cabinet or drawer.  Never leave items of value in, on top of, or under your desk.  Supervisors should provide a safe place for belongings.
  • Don't write down safe combinations. Commit this information to memory.
  • Keep petty cash and stamps in a locked drawer.  Don't keep any more petty cash on hand than is necessary.
  • Do not remove rings to wash your hands, since rings can be forgotten and stolen.  If rings have to be removed, place them in a pocket.
  • If you leave your receptionist position, lock your door and leave a notice of your return.
  • If you see a person who seems to be wandering aimlessly, ask if you can help him or her.  If the person can't give you a good reason for being in the building, keep that person under observation and contact UPPS.
  • Have UPPS review office routines to determine your office's vulnerabilities and how to overcome them.
  • Ask for positive identification from service personnel and verify their purpose in your work area by checking work orders.
  • Secure all office doors, windows, desks, and file cabinets each night.
  • Retain inventory records of all office equipment, including serial numbers, Penn State numbers, values, and dates of purchase.
  • Secure all computer equipment and software.  Log off computers.  Maintain back-up files.
  • Security surveys can be conducted by UPPS upon request. 

Remember: Security is everyone's responsibility.  Report suspicious activity to the campus police.