Theft occurs in all communities, and Penn State Behrend is no exception.  Personal belongings of students, faculty, staff, and guests are vulnerable to theft.  Penn State also suffers from theft, and those losses divert funds that would otherwise support University facilities, services, etc.

Theft = Opportunity + Desire

The most effective strategy to prevent theft is to eliminate either desire or opportunity.

Here are some simple measures that you can take to reduce the opportunity for thieves:

  • Residence halls:  Lock your door, even when you leave to visit other residents or go to the bathroom.  Be alert for people hanging around on floors or in stairwells.  Report suspicious people to UPPS.  Never loan your key to anyone.  Be suspicious of someone trying keys in locks or pushing on doors. 
  • Academic buildings:  Secure your office when leaving, even for a short period of time.  Report suspicious people to UPPS.  Never loan office keys.  Never leave book bags or backpacks unattended in classrooms. 
  • Vehicles:  Never leave your vehicle running or the keys inside of it; it is illegal and provides the opportunity for theft. Always lock the vehicle and close all the windows.  Place belongings in the trunk to keep them out of sight.
  • Bicycles:  Always lock your bicycle using a high-quality lock and case-hardened chain or cable.  Don't lock a $500 bicycle with a $1 lock.  Secure your bicycle to a bicycle rack.  Place the lock and chain through both wheels, the frame, and around the stationary object.  When using a U-lock, make sure you secure it to the bicycle through the frame.
  • Athletic facilities:  Always lock your personal items in a locker.  Do not leave items on a bench or on bleachers.
  • Libraries:  Keep personal items with you at all times.