Emergency Phone Locations

Emergency Phone Locations

There are three types of emergency phones on campus:

  • Emergency phones with blue lights
  • Call box emergency phones
  • Residence hall/courtesy phones

All emergency telephones, when activated, are in direct contact with Police Services and should be used to report a criminal incidence, fire, illness, suspicious person, or any other type of emergency.

In addition, local pay phones can be used to reach emergency services by dialing 911; no coin is needed.

Use of Emergency Phones

To use any of the emergency phones, push the Red button labeled "EMERGENCY" and you will be connected to an emergency dispatcher.

Emergency Phones with Blue Lights

There are 47 emergency telephones near parking lots and walkways on campus. They are easily identifiable due to their height and blue lights.Emergency Phone


  • Almy Hall - north sidewalk; south sidewalk
  • Behrend Athletic Fields - near steel bridge; Bayfront Highway bridge
  • Ohio Hall Parking Lot - east end; west end
  • Ohio Hall /Behrend Science Walkway
  • Erie Hall Parking Lot - west sidewalk; tennis court
  • Junker Center - north walkway
  • Junker Center Parking Lot
  • Smith Chapel Walkway
  • Apartment Lot South

Call Box Emergency Phones

There are call box emergency phones located inside of two buildings.


  • Erie Hall - ground floor north entrance; first floor at elevator
  • Junker Center - northeast hallway outside weight room; northwest hallway outside weight room

Residence Hall Emergency/Courtesy Phones

There are also emergency telephones at the main entrances of all residence halls and they vary in appearance. These phones also function as a normal telephone when someone is to be admitted into a building by an escort.

Box phone    Box phone







  • Almy - lower north entrance and upper south entrances
  • Lawrence - northeast, northwest, and south entrances
  • Niagara - northeast, northwest, and south entrances
  • Ohio - ground floor and second floor entrances
  • Perry - northeast, northwest, and south entrances
  • Porcupine - north entrance
  • Senat - northeast and northwest entrances, 1st floor east entrance, and ground floor south entrance
  • Tiffany - east entrance
  • Tigress - east entrance