Police Services

Police Services

Police Services is responsible for the protection of and service to the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Penn State Behrend. In addition, the department is charged with the protection of property, the maintenance of order, and the enforcement of laws of Pennsylvania and the regulations of Pennsylvania State University. The department has full law enforcement authority and is trained to respond to certain emergency medical situations.

Police Services employs a police lieutenant, six sworn police service officers, a public safety specialist, and two administrative support assistants.

Our website provides additional information about our services, activities, and responsibilities. You'll find things such as safety and crime prevention tips, parking information, crime statistics, Penn State policies for selected topics, as well as resources on criminal, legal, and safety issues.

Protection and Service: 24 Hours/Day, 365 Days/Year

As well as being your first response in case of a criminal or medical emergency, Police Services provides all safety-related services that affect the safety and well-being of the Penn State Behrend community. This includes conducting monthly fire drills in the residence life areas, hazardous waste and spill response, and the investigation of all accidents and injuries that occur on campus.