Lab Access Coordinator Responsibilities

The lab access coordinator assures that students requesting lab access have completed all of the necessary documentation, training, and assessments necessary to ensure the student’s safety. This includes the general lab safety, personal safety, equipment safety, and the safety of other’s within the area.

The request for student access is initiated by the student via the online system. A response, via email, directs the student to training links and forms to start the process.

Responsibilities of the position are to:

  1. Once the student has started the process by completing the tasks per the email, the access coordinator will meet with the student’s adviser (research, senior design, club, organization) to discuss the needs of the student within the lab including equipment, dates, times, duration, and scope of the project/research.
  2. Answer any questions that the student may have concerning access to the lab.
  3. Meet with the student, once the appropriate forms and necessary onine training have been completed, for assessment on lab policy and safety.
  4. Arrange for any necessary training, if appropriate, for the student.
  5. Arrange for the skills assessment of the student once any training is complete.
  6. Determine the access level granted: Card Access, Lab Access, or Access Denied.
  7. Inform the lab coordinator which students have been approved for access and at what level.
  8. Notify Admin Support of the student’s access requirements.
  9. Document, for each lab, which students have been granted access for which equipment.
  10. Routinely monitor the labs for compliance.