Safety Committee Meeting Minutes - February 2020

Safety Committee Minutes

School of Engineering

February 17, 2020

In Attendance: Glenn Craig, Anne Gohn, Dave Honard, Phil Jones, Brian Lani, Lucy Lenhardt, Fred Nitterright, Steve Nozacki, Nancy Study, Steve Strom, Joy Armbruster

Members Absent: Faisal Aqlan, Mario Loreti

Phil called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.


Agenda Discussion

Each committee member covered their Lab/s Risk Assessment/Activity Report. Any reports of new, moved, or deleted equipment will be added to the equipment database. Any lab concerns/new business reported on the forms will be added to the March agenda for further review.

Accident/Injury Report

One accident was reported and discussed. A student cut their finger while using a utility knife for cutting cardboard in EDSGN 100. It happened during class and the student was assisted by the course professor. An accident investigation was conducted, and a summary was written. Gloves have been purchased and better training implemented as part of the corrective action.

Continuing Business

The committee discussed Low Risk Labs and whether one student should be approved to work alone. The possibility of one student during business hours of M-F from 8:00–5:00 was discussed. Conversation will continue in March.

Posting the Lab Risk Level on the doors of the labs is still being developed. Phil showed the committee slides of a proposed lab posting and as discussion ensued the possibility of adding the risk level to the current lab door signs is still an option. The option will be reviewed, and the committee will continue discussion in March. Specific ideas mentioned in the meeting are PPE and list requirements for admission. Ann showed an example of a lab posting from U.P. that may be helpful and will forward the image to the committee for reference.

The current "No Food No Drink" policy has been revised. The committee agreed that the low risk labs and computer labs will allow closed container drinks, but no food. The communication method for this change has not yet been developed.

Fred asked about the USP (Unit Specific Plan) signing frequency. The certification page is signed annually by the lab coordinator, faculty, and research students who work in the lab. Any persons using the lab after the fall semester must also sign the USP (i.e., Spring semester).

New Business

Three updates were shared with the committee.

  • EHS has agreed that the USP in Burke 209 be removed after a reassessment of the space was performed. The space is now being used as office space and is no longer considered a lab.
  • EHS sent a new updated Lab Self-Inspection Form for our use. The January inspections are already completed (Thank you to all!!), so we will use the new forms starting January 2021.
  • The 12K and 60K Tinius Olsen machines are getting updated control systems.

Ann Gohn asked about the new Confocal Microscope from Science now located in AMIC. She suggested that now that it is housed in a School of Engineering lab, we should look at the SOP and training requirements for the equipment.

Phil asked about the fire drills that are conducted as part of the BEEP (Building Emergency Evacuation Plan). He suggested that the committee ask about updates to the safety monitor checklists and whether a status report on the drills is provided by the BEEP team.

Pending/Resolved Action Items

The committee discussed the retrofit quote for adding a full enclosure to the Tinius Impact Testing Machine. Fred Nitterright shared that he feels it is not needed and that the current guard is sufficient. The committee agreed to close this action item. Resolved.


The meeting concluded at 11:00 a.m. The next meeting will be scheduled for March 2020.