Lab Coordinator Responsibilities

The lab coordinator is a service position that provides important support to the School of Engineering, so that it can maintain technically current labs that operate smoothly. The Lab Coordinator will serve as member on the Engineering Lab Committee.

Responsibilities of the position are to:

  1. Work with other faculty users of the lab to determine equipment, hardware, and software needs and advise the director and leadership team on equipment upgrades, replacement, and repairs.
  2. Evaluate lab equipment as used on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Make sure that hoods, exhaust fans, and other safety equipment are functioning properly. Lab equipment should be evaluated at least once each year.
  3. Inventory lab equipment at least once each year. Equipment inventory list must be updated any time a major piece of equipment is moved in or out of the lab and the updated inventory list sent to SOE office.
  4. Recommend policies and procedures for lab operation, particularly as they impact our undergraduate education mission. Issues include, but are not limited to:
    • Safety procedures
    • Regular maintenance, calibration, and cleaning needs
    • Resolving broken equipment/repairs with the technician, leadership team, and director.
  5. Work with all involved parties (assigned technician, computer center, faculty users, and school leadership) to ensure that both the equipment and operational needs are met.
  6. Oversee that the lab stays safe and orderly and take prompt corrective action when unsafe conditions, practices, or equipment are reported or observed.
  7. Encourage prompt reporting of health and safety concerns.
  8. Work with lab safety officer to manage the CHIMS system and ensure the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is current and available.
  9. Assist the Safety Director in the preparation of a Unit Specific Safety Plan, the annual update of the Plan and shall make all laboratory personnel aware of the Unit Specific Safety Plan.