Safety Committee Meeting Minutes - February 2021

Safety Committee Meeting

School of Engineering


February 8, 2021

In Attendance: Hussein Abdeltawab, Chris Bartlett, Glenn Craig, Anne Gohn, Dave Honard, Phil Jones, Tim Kurzweg, Brian Lani, Mario Loreti, Fred Nitterright, Steve Nozaki, Joy Armbruster

Members Unavailable: Faisal Aqlan, Lucy Lenhardt, Nancy Study (joined toward the end)

Phil Jones called the meeting to order at 10:00 am. A warm “Welcome Back” to Mario and Anne.


Dr. Hussein Abdeltawab from the ECET Department joined the committee today as a new member and will be the lab coordinator for Burke 144, Motors lab. Joy and Hussein will meet to review the Lab Risk Assessment/Activity Report process.

Dr. Kurzweg spoke to the committee about lab equipment. He asked that lab coordinators evaluate each piece of equipment in their lab/s and identify the current condition. He would like a list of any equipment that should be removed, repaired, or any new equipment needed. He shared that there are currently funds for the repair of equipment and the purchase of new equipment that we should take advantage of now. Coordinators should send the information to Joy, who will compile a list of the equipment needs.

Dr. Kurzweg also requested lab coordinators or faculty to let him know if they require Labview.

Fred Nitterright shared that the MET department is currently working on an equipment assessment and needs. Brian Lani mentioned that he knows of several pieces of equipment in the AMIC labs that are not used and should be evaluated.

Phil mentioned moving the 60-kip Tinius Olsen from Burke 124 to Burke 118. Glenn noted that it is not easy to move. Phil will visit with Glenn.

Each committee member covered their Lab/s Risk Assessment /Activity Report. Any reports of new, moved, or deleted equipment will be added to the equipment database. Any lab concerns/new business reported on the forms will be added to the March agenda.

  • Anne Gohn reported the Carver Press moved from Burke 127 to 130.
  • Lucy Lenhardt reported that the Ferromatik Milacon Vista55 IMM was sold and removed. Also, Plastikos donated an Arburg 370 IMM, and it has been placed in Burke 127.


Accident/Injury Report

No new injuries or near misses to report.


Continuing Business

PPE for the Spring semester was discussed. The SOE received a large supply of wipes, face masks, and disinfectant spray from maintenance for classroom use. We are currently waiting on face shields that should be arriving this week. Tim asked that the faculty encourage the students to bring back their face shields that were distributed to them last fall, if possible.

Anne inquired about the possibility of Penn State issuing COVID-19 vaccines. Tim reported that the University has no immediate plan for distributing vaccines at this time.

An update was provided to the committee on the new lab coordinators for the electrical labs. The committee has reached out to Fethi Belkhouche in ECE to ask for a faculty member to become the lab coordinator for labs 146, 148, 151. Faculty members of the ECET department will take on the lab coordinator role for the following electrical labs:

  • Burke 140 – Hussin Ketout
  • Burke 143 – David Loker
  • Burke 144 – Hussein Abdeltawab
  • Burke 145 – Mario Loreti


New Business

COVID-19 Questions-Mitigation Action for Labs.

No new questions were raised.

Updates shared with the committee:

  • New safety training modules have been added to the LRN (Learning Resource Network) by the EHS department. This will now be the training resource for both student and faculty lab training.
  • A new SAA (Satellite Accumulation Area) has been added to Burke 108 in the Innovation Commons.
  • Several pieces of non-working equipment have been removed from the SOE labs and disposed of through Lion Surplus.
  • The Committee members were reminded to complete their Annual Laboratory Safety Self Inspections and submit them as soon as possible.

Discussion took place regarding a new piece of equipment purchased by the Innovation Commons. A power washer/parts cleaning machine that needs a water source has been temporarily placed in Burke 111 and is looking for a permanent home. Jake Marsh has reached out to Dr. Study regarding the possibility of placing it in Burke 119. Other possible locations are the PLET lab, Burke 117, and Burke 109 in the Innovation Commons (where a water source would have to be added).

Mario reported to the committee that there is a toaster oven and other kitchen-type items in Burke 111, the Senior Design Lab. He asked that the committee review the policy for what activities are permitted in this lab. The concern will be addressed.

It was reported that the EHS Chemical Waste Pickup was completed on December 17, 2020.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 am. The next meeting will be scheduled for March 2021.