Safety Committee Meeting Minutes - April 2021

Safety Committee Meeting

School of Engineering


April 19, 2021

In Attendance: Faisal Aqlan, Chris Bartlett, Glenn Craig, Anne Gohn, Dave Honard, Phil Jones, Brian Lani, Lucy Lenhardt, Mario Loreti, Steve Nozaki, Nancy Study, Joy Armbruster

Members Unavailable: Hussein Abdeltawab, Fred Nitterright

Phil Jones called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.


Each committee member covered their Lab/s Risk Assessment /Activity Report. Any reports of new, moved, or deleted equipment will be added to the equipment database. Any lab concerns/new business reported on the forms will be addressed.

  • Nancy and Brian reported an electrical issue in Burke 119. It was reviewed as new business and will be addressed.
  • Mario reported that the laser was removed from Burke 145.
  • Brian reported that IT took a PC from AMIC 118 to add updates.

Accident/Incident Report 

No new injuries or near misses to report.


Continuing Business

  • The new Lab/Card Access and Safety Training instructions for students are now up and running on the SOE webpage. Nancy suggested that a new tab for faculty on the SOE website “training” with a direct link would be most helpful for the annual training requirement.
  • Annual Lab Self Inspections are nearly complete with only a couple outstanding. All should be complete by the end of the month.

New Business

  • Burke 119 is experiencing an electrical issue. The GFCI at the wall is tripping when the chemical bath and power strip are both plugged in. Dave will investigate the issue.
  • Card Access to Burke 144 (Motors lab) and Burke 145 (Soldering lab) were discussed. The committee will work with Faculty and Administration over the summer to find the best solution for access to these labs within safety guidelines.

Resolved Action Items

  • Lab Coordinator for Burke 146, 148, 151: Dr. Fethi Belkhouche is the new Lab Coordinator for these electrical labs…Complete.
  • Unused toaster oven and coffee supplies in a cabinet in Burke 111: Mario will remove the items at the end of the semester…Resolved.
  • Students not wearing masks in SOE Labs: Bright colored signs were placed on the lab doors to remind all who enter that masks are required. Administration will be notified (per townhall meeting) if the problem continues…Resolved.
  • Trip hazard in Burke 113: The cords causing the trip hazard have been removed…Resolved.
  • Locks and Arc Flash suit for Lock-out, Tag-out program: Locks and Suit have been ordered…Complete.